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ClassicalMusicCity Help

What ClassicalMusicCity?
CMC is a web portal through which anyone who is interested in any aspect of classical music may enter and find information, purchase products, and connect to other people and organizations with similar interests.

How does ClassicalMusicCity work?
If you click on any of the other buildings on the city map you can find “departments” within the buildings where there are lists of links and articles that pertain to that particular area of the building. At the bottom of the splash page you may view video and view the newest and featured citizens of the city. The best way to utilize all the CMC has to offer is by becoming a “citizen” and creating your own city. Click on the “My City” tab at the top and register.

How can I use ClassicalMusicCity?
If you register and become a “citizen” you will be able to upload your own video/audio/photos/articles/links, write a blog, publicize an event, or create a listing in the classifieds. You will also be able to renew old contacts, add new ones and keep in touch with current contacts.

How much does it cost to use ClassicalMusicCity?
Many features and services are free. You can upgrade your membership in order to add additional features.

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